Document Type : Research Paper


1 MEB, Eryaman Başak Anaokulu Etimesgut/Ankara

2 MEB, Türkkonut Anaokulu Etimesgut/Ankara


Individuals with orthopedic disability are defined as “individuals who cannot benefit from normal education and training activities adequately due to disabilities in the skeletal, nervous system, muscles and joints despite all corrections”. It is seen that there are children with orthopedic disabilities at all education levels and, accordingly, teachers have some difficulties in the education of these children. For this reason, in this study, the current literature on children with orthopedic disability is examined, and the definition of children with orthopedic disability, the causes, classification, types of this disability, and the difficulties that children with this disability may experience are mentioned. In addition, recommendations were made for parents of children with orthopedic disabilities. Finally, some studies on children with orthopedic disabilities are mentioned.