Document Type : State-of-the-art paper


Durham University, UK


The Council of Europe has created for teachers and other professionals in education a Platform of Resources and References for Plurilingual and Intercultural Education (PIE). The platform presents both the principles of PIE and recommendations and suggestions for how PIE can be implemented in Europe’s schools. This article describes and explains the nature of the platform, its origins and its purposes. The origins of the project which the platform embodies lie in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which creates transparency and coherence for all who are professionally involved in foreign language teaching and the platform extends this to all languages present in schools. The platform also has an explicit purpose of promoting quality in education through better understanding of the role of language in all learning. It introduces too a further development of the concept of intercultural competences and education. After the analysis of the origins and purposes, this article presents and analyses some key documents available on the platform, documents which deal with the main issues it addresses including education for vulnerable learners, the role of language in the learning of all subjects in the curriculum, and the aims of language teaching.