Research in Language and Education: An International Journal (RiLE) intends to bring together publications that investigate the intricate link between language and education and examine the intersection between these two fields. Proper education of any subject without a recourse to the use of language is almost impossible, and it is precisely this role of language in education that is of interest to the founders of the journal. The journal welcomes theory-driven research papers on all aspects of language education, and language in education. Papers are invited on studies exploring the mutual connection between these two fields: while studies may focus on either language or education, the explicit link to education (in language related manuscripts) and to language (in education related papers) should be expounded clearly in the submissions. All submissions are subject to editors’ initial screening, in-house examination and external peer review. In addition to empirical research studies exploring the link between language and education, research reports and state-of-the-art articles on the following topics will also be considered for publication, given that the connection between language and education is attended to:

Curriculum development

Classroom pedagogy

Language in the classroom

Language education policy

Assessment, measurement and evaluation

Language and literacy

Literacy education

Bilingual/Multilingual education

Language and communication

Language, identity and popular culture

Digital literacies and multiliteracies

Content-based language teaching/CLIL

Language teacher education and professional development

Technology and language education

Teaching minority/community languages

Teaching effectiveness

Counselling in language classes

Quality in teaching and learning

Ethics in (language) education

Psychology of (language) teaching/learning

Social aspects of language education